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NYCWine Advertising Options

CLICK HERE to create an account for your wine store, wine club, wine bar or winery online or visit this webpage: http://www.nycwine.com/Partner.aspx

More information:

NYC Wine offers cost-effective online advertising options for wine stores, wineries, wine bars, restaraunts and other businesses on NYCWine.com and NYCWineReport.com.  Any wine store, wine bar, wine club or winery can list their business for FREE on NYCWine.com.

Every day, thousands of New Yorkers use one of our websites to find and purchase wine, locate wine bars and wine stores in their area, and get the latest news on wine tastings and other events. Individuals and businesses across the country use NYCWine.com to order wine to be sent as gifts to friends, family and business associates in New York City. NYCWine.com also fulfills orders for wine, champagne and accessories for corporate events and private parties.

NYCWine.com can integrate with most wine store and winery inventory management and POS systems to automatically update wine listings.  Business owners have full access to many account management features such as tracking and reviewing orders, adding links to business websites, uploading images and logos to public profiles, listing phone numbers for customer calls, adding/editing wines and promoting special offers.  Wineries and wine stores can link wines back to your own website OR NYCWine can fully support wine stores and wineries without websites using our encrypted shopping cart technology.

Paid advertising accounts are required for wine stores, wine bars, wine clubs and wineries that want to list their phone numbers, websites or take advantage of featured placement opportunities.  If you would like to get started or review package options please CLICK HERE.

If you own or represent a Wine Store, Wine Bar, or Winery and would like to simply list your business name and address on NYCWine.com at no cost, you can click the button for "Free Business Listings" in the top right of this page. 

Client Testimonials:

"Yorkshire Wines and Spirits has been a retailer on the Upper East Side in Manhattan for over 35 years.  Recently we embarked on a new venture with NYC Wine.  They have provided an efficient and capable service.  We are satisfied with the progress to date and excited about their potential to help our business grow."
Thomas A. Power - Yorkshire Wines and Spirits
"We have been working with NYCWine.com for 6 months now and are very happy with the job that they have done.  They have been conscientious, courteous and thorough in all their work, and grown quickly and responsibly.  We look forward to a long-term relationship."
Clifford Korn - Acker, Merrall & Condit

"NYCWine.com has been a great asset to helping Murray Hill Wines establish our online presence.  The consistency of the online orders has been great and surprising.  We get a stady stream of orders through the week now, which we never expected.  Internet wine sales and delivery is now a big part of our business and we are continuing to expand our relationship with Metropolitan Vintners and NYCWine. "
Nikola Zecevic - Murray Hill Wine Store

"When I initially signed up, I was concerned about cannibalizing my existing neighborhood business.  With orders coming from as far away as Sydney, London, and Texas, that hasn't been an issue.  NYCWine.com has delivered incremental gift business that's a great addition to my bottom line. "
Christy Frank - Frankly Wines

Paid Advertising Benefits

* Your wine business address, phone number, and wine list online with images & descriptions.
* Fulfill gift orders for local New Yorkers from friends, family and business people worldwide.
* Full eCommerce platform for accepting orders online or send users to your own website to complete orders.
* Improved search rankings for your own business' website by creating links back to your website from a popular URL.
* Inclusion on NYCWineReport.com recommended stores and links and wine list uploaded on Wine-Searcher.com

Legal Notices

Metropolitan Vintners, NYCWine.com and NYCWineReport.com do not sell wine directly to consumers nor do we charge advertisers any fees directly related to specific wine orders, or value of wine sold individually or in aggregate.  NYCWine.com provides an effective, direct marketing channel and related support services to wine stores and wineries with licenses to sell directly to the public.  Our advertising platform allows wineries and wine stores to choose between two listings options: 1) utilize the Metropolitan Vintners e-commerce software to temporarily collect customer information and generate orders, or 2) redirect customers to your own website to complete purchases.   In either case, the independent wine stores are responsible for confirming orders, substituting or recommending wines based on real-time availability, collecting cash payments, processing credit cards, and delivery/shipping.  Each store or winery sets their own delivery hours, delivery area, delivery & shipping fees, minimum order amount and costs for extras like gift-wrapping.

Contact Us

For more information on advertising other business opportunities please contact us at 917-407-3833 or email sales@nycwine.com