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If you have already placed an order online and would like an update please contact the store fulfilling your order.  To get the wine store's contact information please visit the wine stores page or review the receipt that was emailed to you.

NYC Wine connects NYC wine drinkers, both casual and connoisseurs, with local wine stores, wine bars, special tastings and other wine events in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

You can use the www.NYCWine.com  website to:
• Order wine gifts and have them delivered for FREE the same day.
• Search for wines by keyword and order online from stores and wineries.
• Find local wine stores in New York City and wine bars or wineries worldwide.
• Keep track of the wines you have ordered and liked using your account favorites.
• Special bulk discounts and custom delivery available for corporate event orders.
• Read reviews, post comments online, and learn about wine.
NYC Wine is perfect for sending a special bottle of wine for a birthday or anniversary you can’t attend, ordering a variety of wines quickly for that dinner party in 30 minutes while still managing the hors d’ oeuvres in the oven, finding the wine you tasted in Long Island last weekend and can’t remember, or comparing the price for a wine you want between multiple NYC wine stores without having to walk to each one. You can also review wine bars and find out about wine tastings and other exclusive events you won't find on other sites.
With our searchable database, we find the wines that can be delivered to you, so you know that within minutes of logging on to www.NYCWine.com  you can place your order and have wine on the way. Some wine stores have minimum orders for free delivery, but the majority will deliver for free on most orders.
NYCWine.com is also an integral part of the Metropolitan Vintners network of websites, focused on building online communities and connecting wine drinkers in the US, UK and Canada directly with local wine stores and wineries worldwide.
In New York City our websites domains include: 
 For more information about NYC Wine business and advertising opportunities please contact us at 1-800-442-6472, by email: info@metropolitanvintners.com, or use the form below.

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